Our Clinical Governance Committee

Dr. Craig Hoffman


Dr. Uday Reebye


Dr. Richard Schwartz


Dr. Paul Towfighi


Dr. Rowshan Ahani

Dr. Christopher Beck

Dr. Julie Becker

Dr. Michael Caruso

Dr. Ryan Gifford

Dr. Andrew Kim

Dr. Michael Mindiola

Dr. Maurizo Mirabelli

Dr. Dave Pak

Dr. Dan De Tolla

Dr. Matthew Walsh

Our Values


We believe in honesty and transparency and that a business should be conducted with fairness and the utmost integrity.

Clinical Autonomy

We are passionate about creating the best patient experience and satisfying the expectations of our partners and affiliates. Practicing with the highest standards of clinical quality and providing a space where our partners can continue to practice like they have been trained to do is essential.


Handling ourselves and our business in a mature manner is not only a key factor of our success – but an essential part of who we are as an organization. You and those at your practice can rest assured that you will be working alongside individuals containing the utmost integrity.


We pride ourselves on obtaining excellent standards when running our business and providing excellent professionals to assist you with your practice needs. Our focus is always prioritizing excellent outcomes by creating seamless processes.


Growth is extremely important here at Specialty1. We cultivate the strength to implement growth strategies within our own business, as well as assist our partners with the growth of their practices. We work vigorously to ensure your practice is not only being properly maintained, but also set on a promising trajectory for the future.


We care for our professionals, your practice and most of all – patient care. We believe caring is a fundamental part of our ‘why’ at Specialty1.

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