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Our partnership provides comprehensive knowledge, resources, and shared office support for specialty practices across the country. Our goal is to streamline, optimize and improve your practice.

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As an affiliate partner within Specialty1, you can count on our accounting and finance team to establish and implement professional accounting procedures, controls, and systems for your specialty practice. We ensure that all of your financial records and transactions remain protected and accurate at all times.

There is no need to hire separate billing and collection agencies when managing your claims submissions or payment postings with Specialty1’s partnership companies. Our partnership teams will streamline your billing process while following all state and federal regulations.

Whether you’re opening an office, growing your practice with new locations, or are interested in acquiring a practice for sale in your area, our business development teams are eager to partner with you.

Our Integrity and Compliance department supports partner offices through implementation of highly flexible programs, policies and procedures focused on identification and mitigation of liability and regulatory risk.

Within Specialty1’s partnership groups, we handle the entire credentialing process for our partners as soon as they provide us with all necessary information. Our specialists take care of credentialing new providers and re-credentialing current Doctors and their colleagues.

Our Specialty1 team is devoted to supporting your team by creating a safe work environment along with a well-built company culture, providing payroll services, developing onboarding employee paperwork, and other materials

By joining Specialty1’s partnership, you gain access to our expert IT teams who are ready to handle any of your tech issues in a timely and efficient manner.

When you partner with us, you gain access to cost-efficient, expert-driven marketing, and advertising services.

Our teams within Specialty1 Partners are experts in physician contract negotiation and will help determine the right payment model for your practice, whether that is a patient-driven payment model, a value-based payment model, or a bundled payment model.

By joining one of our brands, you will have access to discounts on high-quality supplies and equipment with quick and efficient delivery.

Let our team provide you with the management training, guidance, and attention your practice needs to achieve the success you deserve and desire.

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